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1971-2000 Hydrologic Averages - Version 1.1

Installing the Averages Certificate (For Java 1.3 Plug-in Users Only)

Web browsers use something called "certificates" to allow web pages to write files to a computer's hard disk.  The NWCC has created a certificate to allow the Averages Viewer to write sets of averages to your hard disk.  Use the following procedure to download and install the NWCC certificate. 

1. Open the Averages.cer certificate by Clicking HERE and selecting "Open" and then pressing "OK" when the dialog box comes up.

2. Click on the "Install Certificate..." button.

3. Click Next.

4. Click Next.

5. Click Finish.

6. On the "Root Certificate Store" dialog box that pops up, verify that the "Subject:" line says "NRCS NWCC" and click "Yes".  If the "Subject:" is not "NRCS NWCC", click "No" to abort, and notify Dana Kuiper at (503) 414-3038 or dana.kuiper@por.usda.gov.

7. Click "OK".

8. Click "OK" on the "Certificate" window to close it.

9. Close all browser windows and reload the Averages web page.

10.  When any of the Averages programs are loaded, a dialog box will pop up asking you if you want to give extra permissions to the program.  Click on the "Grant Always" button.  You should not see this dialog again.  Now you can view and export data from the Averages Viewer.

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