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Navigating to Climate Data and Products from the FOTG County Locator

To get climate data and products from the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) County Locator:

  1. From the FOTG County Locator map, select the appropriate state.  States may be divided into many areas; ensure the proper area is selected.
  2. Select the appropriate county.
  3. From the menu of the left, select Section II.
  4. Expand the Climate Data file folder.
  5. Click on ?Agricultural Application Climate Information System (top selection).
  6. Select the WETS button in the Product column.
  7. Select the station to view (single station only).
  8. Select the Go button.
  9. Verify that the specific station has enough data to produce a WETS table.

If there is insufficient data, select an adjacent station or another county with stations that have sufficient data.

Note: If you know the FIPS state and county code, substitute it in the following url: http://agacis.rcc-acis.org/countycode/mtot. Press the Submit button to execute.

You can find the state and county FIPS codes here: http://www.epa.gov/envirofw/html/codes/state.html

For more information, contact Jolyne Lea.