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Snow Survey Sampling Guide

Checking Equipment

Before leaving headquarters --

  1. See that tubes are properly siliconed or waxed.
  2. Make sure the coupling threads are clean and that all the tube sections screw together without binding.
  3. Check the sampling kit for the following items:
    • Sampling tube sections that match
    • Spanner wrenches
    • Thread protector
    • Driving wrench (optional)
    • Field data notebook (SCS-EN-708)
    • Pencil
    • Weighing scale and cradle
    • Snow course map
    • Measuring tape
    • Snow Survey Safety Guide
    • First aid kit
    • Snow Survey Sampling Guide

    Snow Sampling Kit

    Snow Sampling Kit

  4. Check your oversnow traveling equipment for:
    • Goggles
    • Skis -- running surface, binding, poles, climbers
    • Snowshoes -- varnish coating, webbing, bindings
    • Oversnow vehicle -- fuel and oil (see operating manual)

  5. Check your clothing and that of your companions. See Snow Survey Safety Guide.

It is much easier to check these items at headquarters, where replacements are available, than at the snow course.