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Monthly Snow Data

View Site_Name Station Ntwk Elev Lat Lon installed state County Hydrologic_Unit
Current Historic BLIND PARK 03E03S SNTL 6890 44.11 -103.98 1990 SD PENNINGTON Upper Castle Creek 101201100104
Current Historic DITCH CREEK 03F04 SNOW 6890 43.87 -103.78 1989 SD PENNINGTON Upper Pass Creek 101201070501
Current Historic NORTH RAPID CREEK 03E05S SNTL 6130 44.21 -103.79 1996 SD LAWRENCE North Fork Rapid Creek 101201100101
Current Historic UPPER SPEARFISH 03E01 SNOW 6500 44.20 -104.00 1944 SD UNKNOWN Upper Spearfish Creek 101202030301