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Snow Survey Centennial Photo Gallery

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"Snow Plane #1"

January 1949

Snow plane from Lake Hotel took Koski to lake. Aaker and Norton returned to Mammoth.

"Snow Plane #2"

January 1949

Snow plane takes off for Lake.

"Whitefish, 1950"

Jan. 30 - Feb. 2, 1950

Whitefish, MT

U.S. Forest Service. Winter sports administration and snow survey school. Big Mountain north of Whitefish. Clear weather prevailed. 33 degrees F this morning. 55 rangers in attendance.

"McCall 1954"

Jan. 18-22, 1954

McCall, ID

SCS snow survey training school.

"Alta 1956"

Jan. 16-21, 1956

Alta, UT

SCS Snow Surveyor Training School. Photographer: Frank Roadman, SCS

"Reno 1959"

April 23, 1959

Reno, NV

Field trip to Sierra snow lab during western snow conference.

"Reno 1959 #2"

April 23, 1959

Reno, NV

Field trip to Sierra snow lab during western snow conference.

"Mt. Hood 1960"

Jan. 18-22, 1960

Mt. Hood, OR

Group at Mt. Hood training school.

"Mt. Hood 1960 #2"

Jan. 24, 1960

Mt. Hood, OR

Montana delegation at the Mt. Hood training school.

"Boise 1961"

July 18-21, 1961

Boise, ID

Snow surveyors’ planning conference.

"Winterpark 1962"

Jan. 14-19, 1962

Winter Park, CO

Snow survey training school. Don McAndrews and assistant giving instructions to group of trainees prior to cross country snow survey ski. SCS Photo - B.C. McLean

"Winterpark 1962 #2"

Jan. 14-19, 1962

Winter Park, CO

Outside Hochlandhof Lodge. Group attending West Side Snow Survey Training School. There were 107 attending. Picture was taken on ice skating rink and in background is woodland. SCS Photo - B.C. McLean

"Group of Men 1963"

January, 1963

Group picture taken at Snow Survey Training School.

"Ft. Collins 1963"

July 22-26, 1963

Fort Collins, CO

Snow survey planning conference.

"Mt. Hood 1964"

July 16, 1964

Mt. Hood, OR

Group picture taken during the seminar at the Mt. Hood test site.


July 31 - Aug. 3, 1972

Snow survey work conference.

"Aspen 1973"

Jan. 17, 1973

Buttermilk Ski Area, Aspen, CO

Snow survey supervisors and assistants at the west wide snow survey conference.

"Aspen 1973 #2"

Jan. 17, 1973

Buttermilk Mountain, Aspen, CO

Montana Delegation to West-wide Snow Survey School.


Ashton Codd, MT, busy with newest model of Merchant Calculator. Trying to run out a forecast. No wonder now and then he is a bit short of water with such a short calculator.

"Forecasting #1"

"Forecasting #2"



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