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Adopt-A-SNOTEL Site Program

The Adopt-A-SNOTEL Site Program offers students in the western states the excitement of monitoring conditions at a remote SNOTEL site. With this near real-time data as a starting point, lessons in the areas of science, math, hydrology, water quality, environment, and conservation can be developed. Computer access of the SNOTEL data adds another learning opportunity. To date, over eighty schools have been enrolled in the program.

[Classroom full of students who adopted a SNOTEL site]
Syracuse Junior High School, Utah

The goals of the Adopt-A-SNOTEL Site Program are:

  • Make Teachers and students aware of the SNOTEL data resource collected by the NRCS.
  • Encourage the development of a strong conservation ethic with respect to soil, water, and environmental resources.
  • Inspire and make students aware of disciplines and careers in soil and water resources.
  • Promote the expanded use of information collected by the NRCS.