Change Column Order

This tutorial shows how to change the order of the columns in a report in Report Generator. The example takes the three air temperature values (minimum, maximum and average) and moves them to the top of the order. The final report will therefore display the air temperature values first.

  1. Start Report Generator. The application will open with the Mt. Hood Test Site selected.

  2. Select the Create/Modify Report tab.

  3. In Manage Selected Columns, enable the checkboxes next to the three air temperature data types.

  4. Select the Move Up button. The three data types will move up one level in order.

  1. Select the Move Up button two more times. The data types will move to the top of the order, and will therefore appear first on the final report.

Note: The previous result could have also been obtained by enabling the checkboxes next to the first three data types, and then selecting the Move Down button three times.

This completes the Change Column Order tutorial.

Proceed to the Remove Columns tutorial