Remove Columns

This tutorial shows how to remove columns from a report in Report Generator. The first example removes a single data type from the report. The second example then removes all data types from the report.

  1. Start Report Generator. The application will open with the Mt. Hood Test Site selected (the default).

  2. Select the Create/Modify Report tab.

  3. Under Manage Selected Columns, enable the checkbox next to the snow water equivalent data type.

  4. Select the Remove Selected Columns link. The data type will be deleted from the list.

  1. Next, select the Remove All link. All the data types will be removed from the list.

Note: Do not be concerned that you have deleted these standard data types from the Manage Selected Columns list. When you restart Report Generator, they will display again by default. Or, to add them back into the list, re-select each element individually in the Elements list and click the Add button.

This completes the Remove Columns tutorial. If you feel comfortable working with columns, move on the tutorials under the Managing Report Types topic.

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