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Select Frequency and Time Period

This tutorial shows how to use the Frequency and Time Period selections in Report Generator. Frequency and Time Period are interactive; options change depending on the frequency or time period selected.

The Frequency selection determines how often data is supplied to a report in Report Generator. The Time Period selection determines the duration of the report and the number of days to include in the report.

The example uses a Standard data report (Standard Sensors - Daily) to change the frequency and time period of data displayed in the View Report tab.

  1. Start Report Generator.
  2. Select the Create/Modify Report tab.
  3. Choose the station. In the Enter station(s) field, enter the following station ID: 526.
  4. Station 526, Hogg Pass, will be added to the Selected Stations list. When a station is added, the View Station Information link appears in the upper left corner of the application.

  5. Select the View Station Information link. The Station View panel will open, displaying the station name, station metadata (such as Network, County, Elevation, Latitude, and Longitude), a site photo and a link to the site in Google Maps.
  6. From the Station View pane, hover over the the Reports dropdown list and select Standard Sensors-Daily. A tabular report will open, displaying the snow water equivalent, snow depth, precipitation, and temperature min/max/averages for the Hogg Pass site for the last 30 days.

  1. To change the frequency and time period for which data are reported, select the Time Period dropdown list on the report.
  2. In the Time Period tab, change the frequency to Monthly and set the Time Period to Current Water Year and All Months.
  3. Select Apply. The data in the View Reports tab change to reflect a reporting frequency of monthly and a time period of the current water year (Oct. 1 to Sept. 30).

This completes the Select Frequency and Time Period tutorial. Now would be a good time to review the Select Unit of Measurement tutorial.

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