Report Generator User Interface

This tutorial examines the different parts of the Report Generator user interface, including the Site Information pane, the View Report tab, and the Create/Modify Report tab.

Note: This tutorial is best viewed using the Internet Explorer browser.

Site Information Pane

When Report Generator opens, the Site Information pane displays with a predefined station selected. The pane displays metadata for the station, site photographs, and a map to the site (in Google Maps when available).

The Reports and Metadata Reports drop-down menus contain links to many commonly-used reports. Use the predefined reports "as-is," or as templates to create custom reports.

Hover over the screen image to see definitions of elements on the Site Information pane.

Open Release Notes View Map of Site Station Name Predefined Report Templates Station Metadata Scroll Site Photos Scroll Site Photos Thumbnail Photo Site Photo Current Site & ID Email Site Contact Report Defects, Feature Requests Collapse Pane

View Report Tab

When Report Generator opens, the View Report tab for the predefined station is active. This tab displays the results for a predefined report (for example, standard sensors, daily report, last 7 days) in tabular format. To edit or create a new report, select the Create/Modify Report tab.

Hover over the screen image to see definitions of elements on the View Reports tab.

View Report Tab Create/Modify Report Tab Number of Rows per Page Time Period Units of Measurement Report Type, Standard or Chart Station Name, Site ID, Location, Elevation Date/Time of Report Creation Selected Elements for Columns Report Contents Save to .csv format

Create/Modify Report Tab

This tab is where you define the contents of the report. Creating a report is as easy as 5 steps (hover over each numbered step for more information).

 Hover over each number on the screen image to see how to create reports on the Create/Modify Report tab.

















View Report Tab Create/Modify Report Tab Select Stations Select Network where Station resides Enter Station ID (numeric) or Name (alpha) Add Station to Selected Stations list Station Selection Help Perform Advanced Station Search Selected Stations List Sort Stations by Criteria Remove All Stations from Selected Stations List Remove Single Station from Selected Stations List Selected Columns Collapse Pane Collapse Pane Collapse Pane Display Data Elements Display Metadata Elements Filter Elements Sort Elements by Criteria Elements Scrolling List Specify Sensor Depth Specify Value to apply to Element Specify Function to apply to Element Add Data or Metadata Element to Manage Selected Columns Manage Selected Columns Select Data Type Move Data Type(s) Up in List Move Data Type(s) Down in List Remove Only Selected Columns from List Remove All Columns from List Select Reoprt Output Options Report Frequency Report Time Period Number of Days to include in Report Create Standard Tabular Report Create Standard Tabular Report Grouped by Month Create Chart (Available for Single Station Only) Create Report using English Units Create Report using Metric Units Set Start and End Date for Report Make Custom Data Relative to Today's Date Reset all Values to Default Generate Report based on Selections  

















































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