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California SNOTEL Sites

For individual sites, choose from the list, or select from the map below.

Independence Creek (540) Independence Camp (539) Independence Lake (541) CSS Lab (428) Truckee #2 (834) Squaw Valley G.C. (784) Tahoe City Cross (809) Ward Creek #3 (848) Rubicon #2 (724) Fallen Leaf (473) Heavenly Valley (518) Echo Peak (463) Hagan's Meadow (508) Horse Meadow (1050) Burnside Lake (1051) Forestdale Creek (1049) Spratt Creek (778) Blue Lakes (356) Ebbetts Pass (462) Monitor Pass (633) Poison Flat (697) Summit Meadow (1052) Lobdell Lake (587) Sonora Pass (771) Leavitt Meadows (575) Leavitt Lake (574) Virginia Lakes Ridge (846) Carson Pass (1067) Adin Mtn (301) Cedar Pass (391) Crowder Flat (977) Dismal Swamp (446) California SNOTEL Map

Standard sensors include snow water equivalent, precipitation and temperature. Enhanced sensors may include any or all of following: snow depth, soil moisture, soil temperature, wind speed/direction, solar radiation, humidity, precipitation (tipping bucket rain gage), or barometric pressure.

The data provided for this state are provisional and may be subject to future revisions. Data may not be readily available for all sites shown on the map. Contact the state Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting specialist shown below for further information.

Water Supply Specialist:
Marianne Hallet
430 G Street, Suite 4164
Davis, California 95616
(530) 792-5624

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