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SNOTEL Data & Products

SNOTEL Map Interface

SNOTEL Map Interface

Map-based access to data from individual SNOTEL sites.  Includes all available sensors.

Click on a state from the map or select from the list below:


View real-time daily Snow and Precipitation data in Google Maps
Google Earth SNOTEL Data Layers
Snow and Precipitation Update Reports

Photo of typical SNOTEL site

General SNOTEL information, site lists, fact sheets, and more...

Photo of snow depth sensor
Snow Depth*


Photo of meteorological tower with climate sensors
All Sensors

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Includes SWE, precipitation, temperature, snow depth* and soil moisture/temperature data*.

Photo of storage type precipitation gage

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Image of snowflake transforming into water droplet
Snow Water Equivalent

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Photo of temperature sensor with radiation shield

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      * Soil moisture/temperature and snow depth data are only available at select SNOTEL sites.

 All data contained herein are provisional and subject to revision.