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SNOTEL Snow - Precipitation Update Reports


Differences Between Update Reports:

New SNOTEL Update Report: The SNOTEL Snow – Precipitation Update Report is a dynamic, webservices-based application that retrieves the latest data from the NWCC Air and Water Database. When choosing historical reports, they will be created using corrected data if available. The new report also uses daily averages for the period 1971–2000 for all elements and calculations that reference percentage of average.  The current output is limited to .html; however, it will be expanded to text and comma separated files based on user needs.

Old SNOTEL Update Report: This is the report that has run for many years. Reports are generated once-daily and stored. The historical reports are never updated if corrected data are available. The “old” Update Report will be retired on October 1, 2006.

Summary of Differences: The functionality and application rules are the same as the old Update Report; however, the number of analysis products has been greatly expanded in the new report. You may see slight analysis differences between the two reports, since this new product uses true daily averages, while the old product interpolated daily averages between the first and the 15th of each month. Also, the rounding convention has been changed from “banker’s rounding” used in engineering applications to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet standard to ensure consistency between applications.