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Introducing: Interactive Map 3.0 Beta release!

We are pleased to introduce the 3.0 Beta release of the National Water and Climate Center's Interactive Map. This release has many new features including more detailed and in-depth analysis of seasonal peak snowpack; more user-configurable options for features such as reference periods, scales, and colors; and dynamically-generated basin-filled maps based on Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) boundaries. During the Beta testing phase, users are encouraged to evaluate the new features and capabilities of the release. Use the ‘Give us feedback’ button if you have comments or suggestions.

Open the Beta interactive map
Go to a page of pre-defined Beta maps
See a more complete list of new features

Open the Interactive Map

This page contains links to pre-defined maps. After opening a map, you can zoom to your area of interest, customize the map, and bookmark the url to save your settings. For more information, visit the Interactive Map Help Center.

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Snow Water Equivalent, Current, Percent of Official Median

Snow Water Equivalent, Current, Percentile

Snow Water Equivalent, Current, Records

Snow Depth, Current

Snow Water Equivalent


Soil Moisture


Reservoir Storage


Month to Date, Percent of Official Average

Water Year to Date, Percent of Official Average

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Adjusted Volume, Previous Month, Percent of Official Average

Adjusted Volume, Water Year to Date (ending previous month), Percentile


Reservoir Storage

End of Previous Month, Percent of Official Average