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SHEF Reports Moved to MADIS SHEF Reports Moved to MADIS

As of August 1, 2018, NRCS hosting of SHEF-encoded SNOTEL and SCAN data reports will be discontinued. 

NOAA will continue to provide SHEF-encoded data through its MADIS (Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System) data management and reporting system. Users can also retrieve data files from the NOAA MADIS data gateway.

Go to NOAA MADIS SNOTEL/SCAN Reports Directory

The NOAA MADIS server for SHEF-encoded SNOTEL and SCAN has a daily, hourly and monthly report directory. It has no edits directory because edits are no longer sent separately. Each hourly or daily report includes any edits made since the previous report.

Note that the new reports follow the same basic format with the following differences.

  1. The MADIS hosted reports do not have an extra line feed after every line.
  2. The MADIS hosted reports start the station id in the first column, not the second.

These differences were due to mistakes in the legacy NRCS system which the NOAA staff have corrected for the MADIS hosted reports.

NOTE: The new MADIS hosted reports have two defects that will require changes to users’ ingest programs until updated scripts are deployed to NOAA servers. 

APSC2  DT201807210000 / 50.540 / 11.5 / 0.0

The data should appear like this:

APSC2  DT201807202400 / 50.540 / 11.5 / 0.0

It is expected that these defects will be fixed prior to December 1, 2018.