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AWDB Web Service Help Center

The AWDB (Air-Water Database) Web Service provides methods for programmatically accessing metadata (elements, units, stations, etc.), data, 30-year normals, and water supply forecasts.

AWDB Web Service Test Tool

Web Service Test Tool
The Web Service Test Tool lets users run any methods of the Web Service, set the SOAP request, SOAP response, and the actual data returned.  This is a powerful tool that lets users look at data or test the Web Service to ensure it returns what is wanted before implementing the calls in code.

AWDB Web Service WSDL File

The Web Service Description Language (WSDL) file fully describes the AWDB Web Service. It is an XML document that defines all calls that can be made on the Web Service, the parameters and return values for each call, and the address of the Service.

AWDB Web Service Tutorial
The Tutorial helps new users get started using the Web Service. The tutorial contains an overview, details on how to generate Java client stubs, how to create an instance of the awdbWebService object, and several use cases.

Frequently-Asked Questions
Answers to questions from our users.
AWDB Web Service Reference Guide
Reference Guide
The Reference Guide contains a complete listing of all the Methods, Classes, Network Codes, and Element Codes in the AWDB Web Service.

AWDB Web Service Announcements & Release Notes

Announcements & Release Notes
The Announcements page contains important information associated with updates and changes to the AWDB Web Service. It also contains Release Notes describing recent enhancements and defect fixes.
AWDB Web Service Terms of Use Terms of Use
The Terms of Use for individuals or organizations planning to use the National Resources Conservation Service, National Water and Climate Center's AWDB Web Service.