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Just Published: Summer 2018 SnowNews

Summer 2018 SnowNews
Open SnowNews

The summer issue of SnowNews features articles on the extreme May streamflows, the 86th Western Snow Conference, updates on the National Soil Moisture Network, new SCAN site installations, and the annual Field Operations Workshop.

Interactive Map supports mobile devices

interactive map Interactive Map landing page
Open the Map

The newest version of the Interactive Map now supports mobile devices. Get all the features of the popular interactive map, optimized for smartphones and tablets. Click here for a quick overview of the new mobile map controls.

Report Generator 2.0 features improved report selection and output

Report Generator chart
Open Report Generator

Report Generator chart

The 2.0 release of the Report Generator application is now available. This release has several new features which focus on improving the way reports are specified and how they are displayed. Multi-station charting is also supported in this release. Click here for a description of the major new features in Report Generator 2.0.

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