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Wetlands (WETS) Climate Tables

Wetlands are an important component to healthy ecosystems. And, climate plays an important role in the genesis and identification of wetlands. In order to identify the physical characteristics of wetlands adequately, the NRCS Climate Analysis for Wetlands Tables, also known as the WETS Tables, were developed.

The WETS Tables define the normal range for monthly precipitation and growing season required to assess the climatic characteristics for a geographic area over a representative period of time. The Tables gives a month-by-month summary and probability analysis of temperature and precipitation. The Tables also provide the average length of the growing season using three index temperatures (32, 28, and 24 degrees Fahrenheit) at 50% and 70% probabilities.

WETS Climate Table Documentation

Data Sources and Collection

Climate Elements

Probability Categories

Example and Definitions

Accommodating Missing Temperature and Precipitation Data

Growing Season Dates and Length

Usage Guidelines