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National Water and Climate Center

Open the Interactive Map

NEW! Interactive Map on Beta Website

Interactive Map Version 5.0 is now available on the Beta version of the National Water and Climate Center website. New features on the map include forecast verification and error parameters, soil moisture/temperature elements, improved mobile compatibility, and an export/print option. You may notice a new look for our website, and some features are still under construction. New features in this release.

Station and/or Basin Conditions

To help you get started with the Interactive Map, this page has links to predefined maps organized by data type. After opening a map, you can zoom to your area of interest, customize the map, and then bookmark the URL to save your settings. More information: Interactive Map Help Center.

Show current conditions for stations, basins or both.




Reservoir Storage

NEW! Forecast Verification

NEW! Soil Moisture/Temperature

Station Inventory

Identify stations by data type, location, network